Photo: Frances Marais

At Savant, they are passionate about natural wines and seasonal, vegetarian food. The wines served by the glass change at regular intervals, which makes it possible to try many different kinds of wines. There is also a good selection of different beers from the Nordic countries as well as fun non-alcoholic alternatives. The food menu also varies greatly, but is always based on Swedish ingredients, from smaller farms around the country.

Savant has a zero waste perspective, which is applied to the entire business. Furniture and crockery are recycled and all suppliers they work with are carefully selected. In this way, they want to help their guests enjoy food and wine with a clear conscience.


Olga's Good Food Selection

“I think it’s great to go to Savant, they always offer a nice meal with good drinks. I also like that they do not have many choices on the menu, there are only a few well selected dishes.

Lisens's Good Food Selection

Lisen prefers to go for a drink, or a glass of wine, at a natural wine bar; Dryck or Savant. 

Photo: Frances Marais