Photo: Kalf & Hansen

At Kalf & Hansen you can get “fast food” with Nordic flavors and on organic and locally produced ingredients. The food is mostly plant-based, with a smaller amount of animal protein. All ingredients on the plate always consist of very well produced ingredients as a result of close cooperation with producers. At Kalf & Hansen, they also place great emphasis on season and zero-waste.


Olga's Good Food Selection

“I like to go to Kalf & Hansen for “fika”. Many people think that it is a lunch place, but they also have delicious sweets. And if you do not feel like having something sweet, you can have another lunch.”

Therese's Good Food Selection

“Organic and tasty, no food waste, only ingredients in season and sustainable in every way – no car, reused furniture for interior design, etc. They do both lunch and dinner!”

Paul's Good Food Selection

“At Kalf and Hansen they manage to make very good, conscientious and incredibly ‘warm food’ for a reasonable amount of money.”

Photo: Kalf & Hansen