Photo: Christoffer Englund

Fotografiska’s museum restaurant is an award-winning restaurant, with a plant-based kitchen focused on seasonal food. The team is creative, with ambition to always explore the full potential of raw ingredients, to be able to offer their guests innovative experiences. 

Studio 2000 is the edible experiment at Fotografiska, serving food only from the 2,000 square meter garden Erikslund.

Gustaf's Good Food Selection

“To find a great destination to explore, you do not even have to leave the city. There are places to discover even inside the customs. Fotografiska is not only one of Stockholm’s best museums, they also have a good restaurant where an ongoing experiment called Studio 2000. There you can eat food produced on 2000 square meter in Sörmland. The experiment assumes that 2000 square meter is enough to feed a person for a whole year, hence the name. The idea is to create a fantastic dining experience from the small surface and it actually is. It is sustainable, vegan and delicious.”

Photo: Josefine Mattsson