Photo: Vår Lokal

Vår Lokal is a restaurant and cultural scene housed in Gamla Stora Hotellet (the Old Big Hotel) in the middle of Gnesta.

The restaurant and cafe has been run by chef Daniel Israelsson since December 2018. Daniel has focused on vegan food for the past 10 years and loves festive everyday food with one foot in home cooking and the other in French cuisine.

The bar is dominated by natural Italian wines, southern French eco wines and locally produced beer. The coffee selection is carefully selected based on local skills with a unique touch. The premises also houses Gnesta Hantverksbageri, since August 2022. The menu varies from day to day and the food of the day is prepared using the ingredients that are available. The dishes are created based on a conceptual idea of sustainability, transitional food and celebration of life.

The common thread in Vår Lokal’s kitchen is plant-based in season and Swedish legumes. Simple, tasty and elegant!


Maria's Good Food Selection

“I like to have lunch at Vår Lokal in Gnesta.”

Photo: Vår Lokal