Photo: Rosendals Trädgård

At Rosendals Trädgård on Djurgården, genuine food and coffee are served with a focus on crafts and organic ingredients.

Rosendal’s own gardeners harvest vegetables, fruit and herbs as far as the season allows, directly from the biodynamic cultivation in the garden. The café is located in one of the greenhouses in the garden and during the summer you can also sit in the beautiful orchard.


Paul's Good Food Selection

“Having a coffee is more than just the coffee, meaning what is in your cup, it also includes the context of sitting in a beautiful place. There is nothing that beats Rosendal’s garden café, with the whole community, bakery and orchards. It is very inspiring for a chef like me to be in such an environment.”

Lisen's Good Food Selection

“When I’m in the city, I like to go to Rosendal’s garden, a place where I feel at home after all the years I’ve worked there and because I love soup, so today’s soup in the orchard has to be my favourite.”

Photo: Rosendal Trädgård