Photo: Huvudsta Trädgård

Huvudsta Trädgård is a sustainable project close to the centre of the city. The circular urban garden, runned by Foodloopz Sweden, offers locally grown vegetables, honey, edible bouquets and flowers to nearby restaurants and for private individuals.

Recycling, circular models and collaborations are their focus. They work with “logical cultivation”, which means working non-toxic and according to ecological principles, but what is even more important is to make use of local resources to create a sustainable cultivation in an urban environment. Among other things, they have taken advantage of thousands of ugly flowers and plants in pots and given them a new chance, have created a recycling flea market and use approx. 90 tons of food waste mixed with soil to build up the cultivation beds.


Annika's Good Food Selection

“Take a walk 20 minutes from Karlberg Castle. The whole garden is circular. Buy all organic range, vegetables, honey, flowers. Take the opportunity to ask and learn about cultivation. Maybe you will feel like growing your own?”

Photo: Huvudsta trädgård