Photo: Restaurang Emmer 

Ulriksdal’s Värdshus (Inn of Ulriksdal) is located near Ulriksdal’s castle in Bergshamra. Part of the Inn is the restaurant Emmer, which offers a locally grown dining experience close to nature. The restaurant’s chefs and the Inn’s gardeners work together to plan what should be on Emmer’s menu, which means that the menu consists of what has been picked in the garden together with few other carefully selected products. 


The garden is open for visits, where you can also learn more about cultivation and seasonal products. Also take the opportunity to stroll around in the surrounding environment consisting of forest, sea and arable land.


Olga's Good Food Selection

“I like to visit Restaurant Emmer out at Ulriksdals Värdshus. They have a nice garden, where the ingredients for the restaurant’s menu are picked. It is also very beautiful to stroll around there.”

Therese's Good Food Selection

“Own grown food and vegetables in wonderful surroundings!”

Photo: Restaurang Emmer