Photo: Paul Taylor Lanthandel

Paul Taylor’s Lanthandel in Sundbyberg is a shop and restaurant with a great holistic experience. The ambition is that everyone should feel good about what they offer – from the guests, the farmers and producers, to the planet. The raw materials are locally produced, organic and upcycled, for example, potential food waste is made into compost, which is then used for the soil. They also encourage less use of packaging by offering packaging-free products and reusable containers. 

Linked to the shop there is the restaurant and bar where you can eat and drink well in a homely environment, or just gather inspiration for your own cooking. 



Paul's Good Food Selection

“You can buy Good Food from me at Paul Taylor’s Lanthandel in Sundyberg. We have succeeded very well in making it small and intimate, but also creating a learning experience. There is not a lot of stuff, but always very good stuff. Everything is local, everything is organic and everything is in time.”

Annika's Good Food Selection

“When I go to Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg, I always have a really good experience, both in terms of food and drink. They also have a nice little shop.”

Photo: Paul Taylor Lanthandel